Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd (GHPL)

Winches and Deck Equipment

Winches and Deck Equipment

GHPL offers complete range of professional Maintenance Overhaul Repair (MRO) program to all types of Winches, Windlass, Sheaves, Fairleaders, Bunkering Flow booms, Reels, Chain Stoppers, Towing Pin, Lock Jaw, Shark Jaw, Rollers and Life Boat davits.

This include various capacities and sizes of deck equipment (ranges from 5T to 500T) installed on the Drilling Rigs, FPSOs, FSOs, Offshore support vessels, Crane barges, Subsea vessels, Dredging vessels, Bulk Carriers, Container vessels, Oil tankers, VLCC and Bunkering Vessels.

Winch type covers Anchor windlass, Anchor handling winch, Anchor handling towing winch, 4-Point Mooring winches, 8-Point Mooring winches, Towing winch, Double Drum Multi-purpose winch, Recovery winch, Riser Pull-in Winch and Air winches.

Our Services include:

  • Trouble-shooting of hydraulic and electrical control system problems at site
  • Carry-out on board Repair and Service of Hydraulic Equipment at Shipyards, Anchorage, Voyage and Offshore
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Motors Overhaul and Bench Testing (Axial Piston / Radial Piston / Vane / Gear types / Low Pressure System / High Pressure System
  • Hydraulic Control Valve Overhaul and Testing (Direction control / Pressure control / Flow control / Load control / Servo Valve types)
  • Hydraulic power unit and accessories overhaul service and repairs
  • Hydraulic Cylinders overhaul service repair and testing
  • Accumulator service, refurbishment and recertification
  • Hydraulic Hot Oil Flushing service, Chemical Cleaning, Fluid Cleanliness and Fluid Management
  • Oil Flushing
  • Drilling and Choke & Kill Hose high pressure testing and Bore-scope Inspections
  • Winch drum modifications and upgrades
  • Hydraulic control system upgrade
  • Addition of Load and Length Monitoring system