Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd (GHPL)

Hydraulic Services & Products

Hydraulic Services & Products

GHPL has a strong hydraulic engineering background and has over three decades experience in providing hydraulic specialist services to our Singapore based clients and International clients in Offshore, Marine and Oil & Gas market sectors. Our hydraulic service team is multi-skilled and capable analyzing & troubleshooting complex hydraulic control systems and servicing large hydraulic systems & components

We provide a diverse range of hydraulic engineering services to many offshore and marine equipment. This include trouble-shooting of control system, repair service of hydraulic pumps, motors and control valves, HPU overhaul service, hydraulic flushing service, hydraulic piping installation and Hose management.

Our hydraulic service team is supported by well-equipped work shop facility that include Clean-room environment, Pump & Motor Test Bench, Test Rigs for Control Valves, Flushing HPUs, Hose Crippling Machine, High pressure testing and PRV Testing and Re-calibration unit

Our Maintenance Overhaul Repair (MRO) & Refurbishment services include:

  • Trouble-shooting of hydraulic and electrical control system problems at site
  • Carry-out on board Repair and Service of Hydraulic Equipment at Shipyards, Anchorage, Voyage and Offshore
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Motors Overhaul and Bench Testing (Axial Piston / Radial Piston / Vane / Gear types / Low Pressure System / High Pressure System
  • Hydraulic Control Valve Overhaul and Testing (Direction control / Pressure control / Flow control / Load control / Servo Valve types)
  • Hydraulic power unit and accessories overhaul service and repairs
  • Hydraulic Cylinders overhaul service repair and testing
  • Accumulator service, refurbishment and recertification
  • Hydraulic Hot Oil Flushing service, Chemical Cleaning, Fluid Cleanliness and Fluid Management
  • Oil Flushing
  • Drilling and Choke & Kill Hose high pressure testing and Bore-scope Inspections

The equipment and systems that we are servicing include:

  • Diesel Engine driven HPUs & Electrical motor driven HPUs
  • Local control panels and Remote-control panels
  • Pedestal cranes, Pipe handling cranes, Access baskets, Grabs and Cherry Pickers
  • Mooring Winches and Umbilical Reels
  • Steering Gear systems
  • Rig Skidding systems, Rig Jacking systems and Rig Tensioning Systems
  • BOP Cranes and BOP hydraulic control system
  • Subsea hydraulic panels and reels
  • ROV handling system, A-Frames & Launch and recovery systems (LARS)
  • Ballast and Cargo control systems
  • Iron Roughnecks, Rack Chock systems,
  • Drill floor HPU’s,Chock & Kill manifold, High pressure test units
  • Emergency shutdown (ESD) systems & Workover control systems
  • Saturation dive handling equipment
  • Accumulator stations and Wellhead control panels
  • Turbine Starter hydraulic packs
  • Thruster hydraulic systems
  • Riser Pull-In Systems
  • FPSO Turret hydraulic systems