Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd (GHPL)

Hose Integrity Management

Hose Integrity Management

GHPL’s experienced hose technician team has good experience, expertise and competence, in successfully delivering hose inspection and integrity management program. HIM programs are aimed to maximize useful life of hoses and reduce the down time of equipment.

Based on the site Inspections our hose technicians will generate Hose register with comprehensive technical details and provide recommendations for better maintenance and improved service life.

Our Hose technicians are trained to fabricate Hoses at site with Hose crimping machine, pressure test it, certify the Hoses and perform the replacement.

Flexible hose assemblies include Hydraulic hoses, Air hoses, Utility Hoses, Chemical Hoses, BOP Hoses, Chock & Kill Hoses and Rotary/Kelly Hoses.